Windows XP Service Pack 2 ComCept. NET quick fix

NOTE: You should only follow these directions if you have already applied Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) to your system.

How do I fix my ComCept .NET or OrderLinx .NET installation after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2? The "quick fix" is to run the following two files:

Click xpsp2.reg, then click "Run". Click "yes". Click "OK".
Click stop_sp2_services.bat, then click "Run". Click "yes". Click "OK".

If you would prefer a more detailed explanation and instructions, please visit this link:

What is Windows XP Service Pack 2? Windows XP is Microsoft's latest desktop operating system. Service Pack 2 is the second major update Microsoft has made to this operating system, to fix issues and add new functionality. The most important addition to Windows XP in this update is tighter security.

How does Windows XP Service Pack 2 affect ComCept software?

You will be affected if you run ComCept .Net or OrderLinx™ on your Windows XP workstation and have the Windows Update service automatically downloading and installing updates *or* you have downloaded and installed Service Pack 2 manually.

If you wish to install Windows XP Service Pack you can get the patch by going to Microsoft Update.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) installs a personal firewall. This software prevents network traffic from accessing your computer without explicit permission, and will cause many programs to now be denied access to files or other resources on your computer. You may turn this firewall off if you already use another firewall like a Linksys or Nexland firewall. Contact ComCept support first if you are unsure.

SP2 also installs a pop-up blocker in your browser, which prevents ComCept .Net and OrderLinx™ from displaying important screens. In addition, you may receive errors trying to log into ComCept .Net or run reports. This is because SP2 assumes all web sites are potentially dangerous, and will deny these web sites the ability to do certain things until you explicitly state that you trust them. This, too, is an easy task.

The "quick fix" posted at the top of this page will take care of all these issues. The link immediately following will walk you through manually making these fixes in a step-by-step manner.